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MP Bonds Jan24 preparing for a fast breakout

but will it be sustained

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That was a great call in the Bonds. What in the market profile chart alerted you to this move?
bsd. First thanks for your kind words 2nd with no disrespect but we would have to go back over last 10 days or so of the bond profile and see my commentary to answer your question fully. All I can say is that I am not always write but by jove when I am its pretty amazing. MP i have been using since 1987 and it is still THE most powerful thing around despite some of the Huge price volatility we are currently witnessing and the reason why Pete in his recent Active trader magazine said (and I use my words here)that tradional MP analysis was no longer valid etc but that capflow+ was the way to go. My response to him and all is well if you think that then why can I repeatedly "call" the market sometimes to the tic. lets see what unfolds from here in bonds rather than going backwards lets go forwards and unfold the story . see Jan 25th chart
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