ES Thursday 4-12-12

here is the developing weekly profile:

after yesterday's churning in the middle of the range for the week, we have now three well defined bell the 61 and 74 low volume areas remain targets for long and shorts respectively, targeting the center of middle distribution, which also happens to have the peak volume thus far this week...yesterday's vwap comes at 66.25 so right in the center of the middle distribution as well (the 3rd std dev of yesterday's vwap comes at 61.25 or so, matching the low volume area mentioned above)...i don't have the week developing vwap but i would think it is somewhere around the middle distribution as well

keep in mind that yesterday we contracted so we could have an expansion in the making...the gap fill below is definetely a target if the 61 low volume area fails, as that is also around the center of the lower distribtuion

good luck
hmm mistakes i have made..1)jumping the gun(not waiting for my numbers) 2) not using stops right..3) overtraded the account..(trading 5 lots on 5k account...4)taking profit to early..5)letting losser run to far..6) emotions running wild..

i feel my time here was not wasted at all..thanks all
also dont feel sorry for me..i did it to myself and i take the credit..good or bad

take care
i have been there many times since 1995 i survived you can toooooo
Duck, sorry to hear of your misfortune. Thanks for having the stones to keep us informed. Experience is the greatest teacher. We all learn from it, good and bad. Thanks for taking the time to share. Hope to see you up and running again.
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Having enjoyed the highs would you like to enjoy the lows

I hope someone benefited from this sell off.