Is Metastock also a broker?

Hi, guys!

I think I should write this thread here, although if is not the right place, I apologise.

I´ve been learning more about TA. I´ve been reading several books about trading, also. I feel I´m really starting to understand several things. I trade in part-time and the work I´m doing scanning/find the best entries with stocks and futures, I do it simply by analysing charts with my brokers. It can take long, analysing charts and taking notes, since I trade only for about 1 year and a half. However, my last readings showed the importance of software use to do a much more fast and effective research.

I´ve seen the software reviews here. I´ve always hear about Metastock, and also read that it´s not the best software for trading.

So, one think I don´t quite understand is this:

- Does that software allow us also to trade there instead of trading with our broker? If so, how does our broker knows we´ve taken our trades and makes its commissions?

By the way, trading software allows us to create indicators also, right?
I´ve seen the sites of some of the trading software programs. I have two accounts, one for trading (about €6000) and other for investing (about €2000) with different brookers.

From what I see, prices are too expensive for the money I have. Even if go for Metastock End-of-Day (no live data), I´ll pay $499 per year. Guess that´s not what is expected for a trader (day or swing).

$500 is quite a bit for a small account, and I´ve seen prices of about $3000 per year!!!

Guess I´ll have to wait until have more money and improve much more my trading habilities.

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You should demo ninja trader. A number of brokerages include the fees in their competive commissions.

I'm not sure if I can post my broker and his company. Drop me a private message and I'll give you his name.