ES Friday 4-20-12

Here's a Monkey's PASR levels/zones as a "map" for coming into Friday's trading. Showing a 30min ATH chart. Hope it's helpful.

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es 30m 42012

More levels than I'd like to draw in typically, but it's what I've got for now.
Wow, busy ES thread today - heh! Just a follow-up to the above chart posted. Simply wanted to show some PASR in action containing price at a resistance zone around 1382.50 and also support zone around 1372.50 near the end of the session.

Obviously, the price level/zone in between, around 1378, wasn't too helpful. As always, it's intended function is as a MAP ... and hopefully a decent map.

Hope all made some Ben Franklins today and here's to a great weekend!

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follow up 4 20 12

The Funky Monkey