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Can Facebook become the biggest company in the world?

Everyone's talking about the Facebook (FB) IPO so we might as well talk about it here.

Who's going to jump in and buy at the opening bell?

I know that it sounds foolish but I'm seriously thinking about doing so... Am I going to be a lonely fool or are there other fools out there like me?
Ran across this article on MarketWatch and thought I'd toss the link in here fwiw, "Facebook IPO's 18 Biggest Risks."


Just some more food for thought I guess.
Great read - thanks MonkeyMeat!

One of the problems with all those risks is that they are all logic and in a logic world would be valid.

My reckoning is that there isn't going to be much buyer logic around the buying frenzy. This is one of those products that everyone who is a buyer is also a user.

Google users come to the site to get some information to go somewhere else.

Facebook users come to the site to hangout, be entertained, play games, catch up with friends etc.

Bottom line, I don't think Facebook buyers are going to be thinking with their heads at this IPO.
Originally posted by day trading
Am I going to be a lonely fool or are there other fools out there like me?

I am sure there are other fools out there like you. However I'm not sure if they're lonely.

Might I suggest a Dating service such as E-Harmony or Match.com

Chin up, I'm sure you'll find someone soon
Trade of the day: When FB traded down to 38.00 (the official IPO price), expect it to be propped up by underwriter(s) and bid a penny or fraction above 38 for a move back up. And no, I didn't take the trade - bleh.
Here are a few witty tweets about Facebook's IPO today that I found amusing:

Why is Facebook going public? They couldn't figure out the privacy settings either.
by @edrabbit

Reminder: today marks the last day you can buy a house in the Valley without having to rob a bank or start Instagram.
by @levie

At $38 per share, I'm going to totally start sharing on Facebook more
by @rsarver
If FB was to produce a strong market today what happened

Well, from a news source I have, peeps were selling other stock to buy FB the down move in ES seems to confirm this ..
Looks like I was very wrong about Facebook...

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