Ukrainian Market

Hi, everyone!
My name is Kate Ukhova, I am from Kiev, Ukraine. I would like to open a discussion about Ukrainian market and give you some information concerning characteristic features of it.

First of all, we are frontier market, but our market is young, so there are possibilities to exploit profitably market inefficiencies, for example make an index arbitrage.

The process quality of the market is not correlating with anything what is happening in the country.

Ukrainian Exchange is the leading local market operator for both equities and derivatives, both futures and options and is based on technology of Russian MICEX-RTS.

Short info about Index: since February 2011 dynamic of Ukrainian Exchange index has shown great fall down from 2850 to 750 points in June 2012. Liquidity has fallen down also. This summer was a peak of panic sales, but UX rebounded to 1200 points in July (for about 40% increasing). And the liquidity began to rise.

Average trading volume of stock market is 1,5 mln USD, and total trading volume of derivatives market is 4 mln USD a day.

The most popular equities in Ukraine, which show the fastest recovering, are msich and ceen, because they have the biggest free-float among others.

The highest liquidity is on the market of derivatives.

And few notes about our economy:

Economic growth: 2-2,5%

Inflation: single digit

Devaluation: there are expectations, but the NBU has enough reserves to hold the national currency. To hedge risks – NDF.

Deficit and Public debt: “-“, but in allowable limits

Thanks everyone, who has read it completely)))

I will be glad to answer your questions!