ES Wed 8-8-12

I have a low volume area at 91 and that gap in the data at 92.75 so my plan is to be a buyer down here in the 91 area in O/N .

Other key is 87 and then 83 - 84...then I like 78 but the big area support is the 73 - 75 area mentioned in mondays thread

above we have 96 - 98 as a key area from yesterday
judging by the reads, there are way more than us 3-4...
that's me done at 96.50...the place where the breakout happened..good luck if u play ammo for me left
hope so Nick !!
I'm still lurking in the shadows guys, & appreciate your posts bruce & nick,slowly helping me get my head around it...
cool Brent..nice to know folks still come around here