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COT Report follow up

I m surprised only 9 people hit the post. How many of the 9 actually then went to find out about the COT report. The commitment of traders report is THE ONLY DEFINITIVE way of KNOWING what type of trader: Big Little Comercial, Speculative, Fund and what type of position broken down in the catorgaries Long or short in terms of open interest. How can anyone ignore this basic and free information . Do people NOT want to have an edge? The information gives you that edge KNOWING the who, why, where and when. It is just as valuable as reading Market Profile. Or is everyone just a 30 second tic trader overtrading and making their broker rich? in which case forgive my rant and I shall retreat into my own little cave
Alex: I replied to your other COT posting on the forum here: Other reply
The main problem that I have (and others may also have) is that I can rarely find a 2 hour contiguous chunk of time to sit down and listen to a recording. Also, I would like to be able to go to parts of a recording that would interest me more than other parts. If I had the time I'd listen to all of it but if I say have 30 minutes then I'd like to select the parts that I think might be more value to me and thereby keeping me in the value area.
ok thanks for the feedback. I will investigate and see what I can come up with
you're welcome - thanks for sharing the report with us.
PS anyone who does not have to the time to listen to the hotcomm replay or the audio wav file replay should at the very least read the Notes that I post that are the basis for the presentation. And I keep all the archived ones back on an open forum on the main page of my website. That takes only a few minutes
Just looking at your report Ally and this paragraph in particular:
S&P: Comm. Still net Short S&P & e-Minis & Spec Long S&P but short the e-Minis. 5th week running!
Jan 20th trend day down Jan 27th reversal up day but not of the same proportions. Looks like they burn the longs then they burn the shorts. Range trade still? Yes but we may need to stretch the range

Is it possible to combine the S&P's and EMinis into 1 figure (one reading) because of the 5 to 1 value ratio that the 2 contracts have to each other? ...and the fact that they are the same market.
Daytrader I never addressed your question Posted - 02/02/2006 : 17:46:261
stly they may be the same contract totally fungible etc but they are not the same contract from the point of view of the users. So it is necessary to split out the open interest in each so that you can understand what is really happening and from that you can deduce whether "they" are // long // short // in balance //or hedged up //.
But isn't splitting them defeating what we are trying to learn? We already know that the longer term traders are trading the SP and the shorter time frame trader is trading the ES because we know that more value is traded in the ES during RTH but more is carried overnight in the SP.

So don't we want to lump those 2 different time frame traders together to get the aggregate position of the players in the market and therefore the aggregate pressure on the S&P?
lumping them together tells you nothing. just gives you a number and the cot report is not about numbers its about positions
As an experiment, I will take the 2 different numbers out of your report this w/e - if that's okay with you - and put them together and see if we can get any more/less information out of the aggregate position.
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