ES Thursday 9-6-12

lots of quick babble but my basic plan is to be short if we open above the 1409 high first using the 1411.50 - 1412.50 to initiate from...watching last weeks highs and 1416.50 carefully if they push out the O/N high
No video below? Try this link: numbers.swf

starting small shorts at 1412.50 in O/N session....high risk and safer to wait for day session
took the loss on O/N position at 13.75...looking for shorts up at this 1416.50 price now

short 17.50...1419 is my lean on point for this short
I have numbers at 1419 and far all my work is wasted !!
I ahve the 19's and 17.50..trying target 17.25 now due to add on....
runners will try for 15.50 as that is slightly above last weeks high and the current days midpoint
buyers will want to see that previous low volume zone at 16.50 turn into support...I need them to break that down if my shorts are gonna continue to work
you'd have to go to tuesdays video as to why the 19, 21 and 22.75 areas are important up here
agree abt the 16.5...i sold 17.5 and added at 19 and took most out at 16.5

did not have a good feeling abt this trade...had 21-22.5 as another area above, but would have proly taken the loss at 20 if it had hit to reload shorts from higher above

we had two buy imbalances back to back on the first two 5m bars (which usually signal the bias for most of the day at least) but were immediatly followed by a decent sell imbalance which adds some clouds to the bullish trend day forecast...if bulls take that bar out rather quickly then all bets are off
runners stopped out and only a marginal win...will sell into 20 -21 and using 18 as the current magnet price
on the 22.25 and don't want to see this too far above 25 for me to take the loss....
if they turn the 21ish low volume into support then year highs will likely be tested
stopped out at 29.75...that was a long time to hold for nothing !!!