Market profile information

Hi, how will I know when the market profile values on will switch over to the December 2012 ones. After that, where can I find the September 2012 values? Thanks.
Hi Bensim, they rollover on rollover day. i.e. the figures that show for 9/12 (Wednesday) will be September contract but those that show for 9/13 (Thursday) will be for the December contract.

If there are figures that you need for a different expiration date then you can calculate them with the Market Profile Calculator.
Dear day trading, thanks. Where can I download the raw data to calculate the market profile myself.
Which charting package are you using? Most charting packages will allow you to copy the raw prices from the chart and paste them into the calculator.
I am using TOS and Interactive Brokers, so is there any way to download the data? If not, where else can I download the data from? Thanks.
I don't use either of those platforms so I'm not much help there but you're basically looking for an option that says export or save as csv or something similar. All you need are the highs and lows.

Perhaps someone who uses one of those two broker platforms could jump in here and give exact instructions.
9/13 numbers appear to be for the Sept contract i.e. High for Dec contract on 9/12 is 1683.25 while the value area shown is 89 something. I'll wait until they get straightened out.
They should all be on the December contract now. Let me know if that's not the case.