ES Wednesday 9-12-12

Numbers I am using today

1450- 1453 will be upside magnet if the inside day from yesterday means anything this week



1433.25 -1434 - Guaranteed magnet ****** ha !!! for day session to print




1416- 1418 will be downside magnet if inside day means anything for a target this week
thanks Nick...a very difficult hold and I only had a small win before getting stopped out on my first try

I may try a small buy near the 33 - 33.50 but it would be small an it really would have to look great...especially knowing that the greedy value area players may try to push it down into the VA lows near 32.50

I can't believe I am even typing about such small zones ...LOL!
some good volume flowing into 33.75 now but I'm gonna have to pass down here down here
damn...seems like "I picked a bad day to quit sniffing glue " - Airplane movie

I am wired today...gotta get outta here

hope this video'll have to excuse all the's as if my brain is on fire...anybody have a joint I can fire up !!
No video below? Try this link: wedvid.swf

Thanks alot, Bruce.
excellent video

It is so much easier to understand when you make one of your videos and do the commenting.

fascinating..the 4pm close has all it's volume at our old pal 1438.25...expect a retest !!

anybody get this yet ??

great vids btw
Thanks for the feedback Warm ..I'm only about a month off but welcome to the forum