ES Friday 9-14-12

Main zones I am watching today

1457.50 - 1459

1452 - 1454.25 ***** the big magnet

1446- 1448.25

1441.25 - 1442.75
I seemed to imply on the video that jpj used Mondays range for a weekly IB...that isn't so he uses Monday and Tuesday but since tuesday was an inside day I only had to use mondays range

two vids today due to extra babble
No video below? Try this link: fri_one.swf

No video below? Try this link: fri_two.swf

Thanks Bruce
it's always safer to wait until we get back below a key range the overnight high or yesterdays high for mean reversion trades

if you don't watch order flow key zone up top is 64 - 65 if they keep pushing...

no $Tick readings below zero yet today

so be careful !!! I need them to digest 59 before I think about the short up here ! reports coming too
volume building out at 60.25....we know our upper zone is 3 - 5 points up away from that...this is still showing no real sellers yet
on the 61.75 short but keeping it tight with this strength...they need to get under 60.25 and quickly otherwise this is a bust
took 1.5 out and got stopped but at least we now know they are using the 60.525 number ..ha !!
we want volume to dry up on these moves up and away from there ao we can try the next fade back to that area..

still have 64 - 65 as next inflection point...$Ticks still strong so be quick or be dead !
nice volume coming in up into this key zone and I am looking for the short above the 65 now ..this is obviously an agressive fade ...volume coming in here but we know if we are wrong on the volume read they will push 3 -5 points higher

you will notice that often these SPECIFIC volume nodes get if you see one form and the market IMMEDIatly goes up they often come back down to test it to make sure it "REAL"

in other words you shouldn't expect inverted "V" reversals from these nodes..

so the big volume came in at 64.75 so it pushed higher after SHOULD in theory come back down to test that again...but you want to see some change in order flow so you don't get run over by them pushing it higher 3 -5 more points higher again up into 68 - 70 !!
hoping to get some delta flip up here to go get that 64.75 volume....volume once again building at 67.50...I hate trends but they are cool to watch unfold..I think it is worth the shot up near here because we had three good volume pushes and we are over 4 standard deviation away from fridays range

any stop if you were BLINDLY taking this would need to be up near 1470.50 as we know they buyers will try to push at least 3 -5 points away from the volume when they win.
this is do or die point for us sellers as we have first negative $ticks for today...many will use that to BUY the weakness but I am hopig this push is over and that 64.75 is coming soon
that's it for me today coming all out here and not holding...gotta run

hope all do well...look how they like to push 3 - 5 points off a big one minute volume can YOU use that info...?