ES 10-24-12

Magnet price is 1410.25 and key resistance is 1415 - 1417...magnet did not hit yesterday which usually improves the chance to hit magnet today..

shape of YD and overnight is classic Bell curve so we need to watch extremes closer than usual for mean reversion.

reports at 10 today ..

VPOC of O/N is 1411.50 so hopefully that won't stop the magnet from hitting...
no volume on the push up away from the open volume so shorted 14.50..,,13 is magnet first
sorry ..too late to be useful...but the concept is key
was waiting for a break of the o/n high with no volume to short but they did not let me get trade
flat at 1410 even...will look for longs down near 08 and then 05.50..hopefully they will play well
got 5.5-6.5 below as a buy zone below
gotta leave early today for a doc's appointment...

o/n high / yest rth up to 18ish should be decent resistance on the way up

below the 5-6ish area i have yest rth lows and below that 98.5-99.5 with 96.5 and 93.5 under that

right now we are trading in the middle of yest bell curve so not a whole lot of opportunity for me there

good luck bruce et al
we just bounced the area i mentioned yesterday (98.5-99.5)...still think we are headed lower into the low 90s...92.5-93.5, even 89.5 is not unreasonable...but not today i would think