es 1-17 -13

Is the breakout real ? Key question today...all those days with overlapping value with the center at 1464.50...the O/N high is right near the key 1475 rat !

This is still options expiration week so it will be more important to see if they can rally above the SPX price of 1475 ...if not we will mean revert and the best support point on the way back down will be the edge of the bell curve at 1467 area which is also last weeks highs but the ultimate main target will be 1464.50 if they sell it off.

I think it pays to try and hold for bigger targets today no matter which way you think it will go.
Thx Bruce will be watching those levels
Wonder if we will fill in the low volume in the overnight between 1473 and 1466?
71 is an additional possible support point to watch out for
Sold 71.75 see if it runs a little
scale 1/2 at 70.75
Off on last contract small profit but builds confidence
u r joining the ranks of the breakout traders...that's always scary to me but I get your confidence comment
Sometimes I wonder what type of trader I am, so far fading hasn't been good to me, Im just as afraid of trading breakouts as well for reasons your well aware of.
71 was a nice area to do business Bruce looking back at it.
we opened outside the big bell curve and can't get back to yesterday RTH range...volume is better than the last two days but I have it slightly off from monday..

Once again muliple matching stops at the IB high...reverse of last weeks IB low on Friday that sucked me in more time than I care

as long as the open holds then I am assuming they will run out the IB high and O/N high...not thrilled about this trading in general and wish volume would pick up...we need to see some big volume somewhere
Huge Volume on a range bar around 10:41 78,117 contracts traded, more on the sell side