ES 4-1-13

Basic idea is to use the 1560-50 - 1561.25 as a magnet price today. So we need to see a rally above that or a decline below that to initiate any trades IMHO...Much harder to buy or sell at those prices. I prefer to see an open and drive outside last weeks highs to look for sells or an open and drive under 58.50 to look for buys.

The 1554 - 1555.50 is an additional support point below created by high volume . It is ok to buy there on a drop down into it from above but I will go lighter due to the magnetic nature of high volume and potential to chop.

1549 - 1551 has a low volume area on the weekly but a high volume area from last months trade along with the s2 area today.
As usual I made a mistake on video and mentioned Fridays trade...well, the market wasn't open so that is Thursday.

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No video below? Try this link: 4-1-13.swf

I assume most know where 1.5 the Ib came in at...nice far !!