ES 5-31-13

numbers for me today

1642 - 43 - mentioned yesterday


the big old hunk of volume at 1647.50 and still the dividing line

the LVN at 52.50...


reports again so tread light until they end
my plan is to wait until they push up above 1651 to look for shorts or else look for buys if they can push out the swing low from the O/N session at 43.50...

otherwise we run the risk of them just dragging it back and forth across that 47.50..

Rock on !!
another reason I want to wait is that we really had 45.50 - 47.50 as a I want to make sure there is at least two points between the place I initiate from and a target..

so if I was to buy under that 43.50 then I can use 45.50 as a target

so far it looks as if smart buyers used the 45's as support

still early and patient...
yesterdays LA low is 53.50 ...LVN at 52.50...ON POC is 53.75

so use it and with a bit of luck we can get 48.75 and lower back to I am selling since we came from below...

watch your 2.5 - 4 point swings off highs and lows

where did the pitbul plus 4 - 5.5 hit ???
it's friday !! Hope all have a great weekend..nice confluence today

If you stay and play you may pay !!

And I am NOT paying today....

take the money and go do something or research
This is not what I wanted to see today (was lookin for something bigger) but, this is probably good advise. Thanks again Bruce!
...and there it is! yesss! Let the weekend begin!