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COT report 778

so what did you find out?
10 minute vid
Video works well Alex! You focussed mainly on currencies which I don't trade but I'm sure that the forex traders will find that interesting.

I took a look at your COT equity report:
STOCKS: Remember since last COT report S&P went from 1271 to 1283 / Dow from 10750 to 10860 / NAZ 1698 1719.5 / Russ 721 up to 737
Last week I wrote: Last week the positions were Spec Long Dow and Short Russel with the Commercial the other way round
Does this explain the rally in the Russel? You betcha it does.
Well Did EVERYONE flip around their positions? Let’s see:

S&P: Comm. Still net Short S&P & e-Minis & Spec Long S&P and interestingly enough reducing their short exposure. I.E: they are increasing their net Longs! But short the e-Minis. Spec are increasing their long exposure! Net net they are probably a little short
NAZ: Comm. Net short Big and flipped (3 weeks ago) to short the Mini contracts have increased their short again. (Fab timing yet again) Spec Long big and Long the Mini and having tried to take profits on rallies via reduction of Longs of both Big and Minis and had the market right last 4 weeks will have been burnt badly tail end of the week as they need to liquidate and fast
RUSSEL: Comm. Teeny long in the big ones and perfectly in balance in the minis
Spec are still scrambling to cover shorts via an increase of Long exposure but they are still net short and now having taken their medicine on a end month mark to market probably don t feel too bad. Any drops likely to find buyers and that is just not the right way to go for the moment
DOW: Comm. They are still tinkering with their positions. 3 weeks ago they reduce Longs then 2 weeks ago they reduced Shorts. This last week they did nothing BUT they were short the $10 and Long the Mini and they liquidated the Mini to be in balance in the mini
Spec are Long the $10 contract AND Long the Mini.

So with S&P we have the commercials short and the rest of the crowd are long and going "longer"...?
so yet again the CTi2 or commercial sometimes a little early has cleaned up AGAIN at the expense of the little guy
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