ES 6-26-13

has anyone use kool tools..right now his tool says this move down should stop at 1587.25(1.618) can anybody tell if i am right or wrong in using his tool?
math is this 97.75 -93.75 = 4 *1.618= 6.47 (6.50) 93.75 - 6.50= 87.25
looks like pitbull number 2.5 work like text book?
looks like kool tool cycle work just finish..using the day sesssion only..i have cycle of 7 and he says times 2 is 14..look at bar 14 is up.. again am i using this tool correct?
Duck... I was just checking in and good to see you posting. I've not used the tools, but you've sparked a new interest for what that matters.

Side note here... I didn't respond to your chart question, a while ago, because I didn't have the chart. That day I was at odds if I should of replied just to let you know someone had read your question.

I'm not a big contributor... Seems when I should have posted some insight, I don't. And the times I do post... I should of shut my mouth. Point being... I enjoy reading your insight, so your not chasing me away with yours(as suggested recently)... Actually look forward to yours and everybody's input.

Got some matters going on in my life... AGAIN... and its reflected on my trading psych... Thanks again for the heads up on kool tools... I started to look into those a couple years ago, but got busy with work and lost touch. I'll revisit.

Here's a link to an old chart of Kools with some explanations. He talks about cycles near the end of the commentary. I don't know if he focused on 1m, 5m or another time frame for "best" counting, but this is a 1m chart example.

As I understand it, he's looking at swing high bars and simply counting the number of bars from one high until the other high (including the swing high bars themselves in the count). Then he multiplies that number of bars by two. He then takes the most recent swing high bar from those two highs he used for the count and projects forward that a swing LOW bar (give or take a bar) will likely occur there. Vice versa for two swing lows to project a swing high.

He then used FIBs to get price projections. But as for cycles, this has been my understanding of what he was doing. Have a look at the chart. Hope that's helpful.
RE DATA FEED PROBLEMS>>> Apologies here as this may be off topic....

Has anyone reading this experienced data feed or quote feed problems with their broker or service provider?...

My service was down for 10 to 15 this morning and I was wondering if it was isolated to my provider of possibly a wider spread problem? cheers!
no data problem here..MM thanks for the link but i was looking for some real time examples of use..