ES 7-1-13

Here are some ES price levels that may be important. Drawing from the Thinkorswim trading platform:

1614 PASR potential resistance

1610 LVN (1 day chart) … Friday’s RTH High

1606-08 HVN area (5 day chart) … Daily R1 Pivot

1597-98 HVN area (5 day chart)

1594.25 PASR potential support

1588-89 LVN area (5 day chart and 20 day chart) … PASR potential support … Weekly Mid Pivot … Daily S1 Pivot at 91

1581 HVN area (5 day chart and 20 day chart)

Maybe this is helpful paired with your own analysis. As per Bruce, HVN's tend to be price magnets and LVN areas can function as a place/zone for price to reverse.

Just wanting to get something started here. Any and all folks, post analysis and description ... especially with pics of a chart or two! The more, the better!
greast stuff Monkey..I'm selling off the plus 4 and 5.5 today for the retest of Fridays highs...and if lucky new lows

not much else to say but we know that ultimately they will want to close fridays close 85% of the time when we open inside last weeks range...may not happen today but helps form a bias
on pitbull failiure days the plus 8 - 10 comes back to test the plus 4 -5.5 zone.
I accidently clicked here today. I guess the store is open. I just got used to the very irregular store hours:}
i think the store is closing but ever so slowly. I consider the classic pitbull trades to be failures today...just an FYI

I'm trading for the retest of last weeks HIghs now and so far consider it a weak breakout from there early today. If I was a breakout trader I would want to see volume expand and ranges keep extending...not just chop mean reversion is more likely especially since we have had a failed break of the IB high so far today also

the pitbullers will get their revenge tomorrow !!
Originally posted by BruceM

i think the store is closing but ever so slowly...

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