ES Wednesday 7-31-13

Damn that 84.50...still the magnet but they will only be kind to us for so long before they break it away and don't come back.

I'm requiring any trade I take to revert back there to be at least 2 points away from can see the lines on my chart...they really haven't changed but I have added in 81 and 79.50

above is that 86.75 ( really safer /better to see them push out all those swings above there near 87- 87.75) and more important will be the 88.75 - 90 zone if it comes

this has been a multi day consolidation so the fed news should change that later today....hoping to be long gone by then

not much to type and I'm not gonna make up complex scenarios that have no value. Just be careful if you think they are holding above the 86.75 or below the 82.50.....then we may be on the wrong side and our fades are in trouble...otherwise I will be looking still to get back to 84.50

a 9:45 report to contend with is my crappy chart

hope they play well for us this morning
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Wow - that 84.50 is some magnet...."Strong like BULL "