ES Monday 8-26-13

should be 1998 for my gary smith comment.....technical issuse in my head today ...
No video below? Try this link: monday_26.swf

Thanks for that last post Bruce. It goes to show how much we absorb and how we need to keep the good stuff in perspective and review it often. So many time these valuable tidbits of information get lost in the chaos.
nice to hear fom ya Bkay and I helps to get back to the basics - which for me will always be the price action and the ranges...and of course the bell curves
mid 50s it is...gave a nice rotation back to onl area before the trip to new lows

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same here bruce...was looking for the long but could not get it...the quick failure above fri hugh scared me a bit to try a long at the onvpoc/ lvn from fri, but i should have known better....tick was still above zero when we got there and that is usually good enough for the onvpoc to hold for a bounce...oh below that 60-62 area now risks revisiting the mid 50s imo

having trouble with posting of charts...if i get around it i will post what i was seeing...
Some really good posts and analysis this past week and today Bruce! Also, the text from god ol' Doc Brett is great stuff. Thanks for sharing and for the quality of it! Good to see some others posting that generates some good conversation/market-analysis!