ES Tuesday 8-27-13

here is how I have it...we need to watch that lower distribution mentioned on the video at the beginning....if they are to find support to buy into then it will be off of watch that 34 area closely and that poor low if it gets that far

everyone is short in the overnight...hopefully they are too short...

No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

i'd prefer to sell above the 39 and then watch the 41.25 .....but some will like the midpoint.....
so my logic is saying.....there is a 96 % chance of an O/N high or low run out...we have a double low with the IB....and we failed at our 41.25 and our 43.50.......increases the odds and my bias for that low

that's it for me today......hope the comments made sense....and dollars !!

thanks to all who participated and voted today
it will be interesting to see from here if they can rally it now that half gap traders are out and the poor low has been run out....see Pauls half gap post