ES Monday 10-14-13

zones for me today...I think any GOOD area will also incorporate what we can see from the breakout points of the daily bars.
No video below? Try this link: monday.swf

forgot to mention that the buying tail from Friday has it's edge at that 85 if we open and push down under that then more aggressive traders can take longs under that especially if they haven't yet tested the overnight midpoint or the 87.75 number
I fear these type days. Many lines and many politicians talking. Stops are too easily touched. Good luck and trading to all.
I'm trying small sells at 87 but the better plan is to wait for day session...85.25 is target....

the lower bell from Friday has 87.50 as peak that is the center and above 91.25 begins to define the upper edge and an LVN zone
and thanks for posting that article the other day Rburns...didn't want ya to think I missed it
guesstimate is 98 % of the midpoint of the overnight printing today
Bruce we all know you miss NOTHING
starting day session shorts at 91.25
89 is target
i still donot show a print of the O/N missed by a tic....we need to see show better trade under the O/N high and get through that 87.50
anyone on the 96 to try and get back towards 92 - 93 ?
Originally posted by Redfield

1703.xx from Friday is done....There are higher sequences, (1709.xx is a near-term) but not showing proper PA yet...
An H1 close here above 1704.75 needed atm for that sequence...
GLuck all...

...And the 1709.xx domino has fallen...