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The Top Five Reasons Traders Lose Money

The Top Five Reasons Traders Lose Money

Live trading: Feb. 21, 2006 @ 7 AM Chicago / 8 AM Eastern time.

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Inexperienced traders spend an enormous amount of time and effort looking for an edge in the markets. They tend to focus on finding new tactics and techniques for trade acquisition rather than looking for ways to optimize their existing strategies. In addition, the majority of losing traders are actually trading strategies with a true positive expectancy, but destroying that edge through position mismanagement or mental error. By learning more about how losing traders destroy their edge, you will be better able to analyze and enhance your own trading strategies. Sponsored by Intershow and the Chicago Board of Trade.

About the Speaker
Bo Yoder is an internationally known writer, speaker, and professional trader. Yoder is a frequent contributor to trading publications such as Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Trader’s and Active Trader magazine. Yoder writes for and is the author of Mastering Futures Trading (2004, McGraw Hill). In addition to his writing, Yoder is a featured speaker at trading expos in the US and abroad, and has worked with hundreds of individuals and market professionals as an edge and risk management consultant.