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ES Weekend update

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es 03 14 weekly week 82012 week 512013

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es 03 14 daily 8272013 12212013
Ive talked for two months about this area! Time for the market to put up or shut up! Happy Holidays gang!
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es 03 14 30 min 12202013
And finally, for all you gold bugs...
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gc 02 14 30 min 12202013
Ooops! forgot one more seasonal study that reinforces my view. In an exhaustive study of just December expirations, Ned Davis research found the day after expiration,which is Monday, was up 13 times and down 16 times.
And from J.Hirsch ,Stock Traders Almanac..."Seasonal: Bullish. December is the number one S&P 500 month and the second best month on the Dow Jones Industrials since 1950, averaging gains of 1.7% on each index. It’s also the top Russell 2000 month and second best for Russell 1000 and NASDAQ. However, election-year forces do temper December’s results. The “January Effect” of small-cap outperformance starts early in mid-December. Wall Street’s only “Free Lunch” of distressed small- and micro-cap stocks making new 52-week lows on December Triple-Witching Friday will be served before the opening bell on December 24. Santa’s Rally begins on Friday December 21 and lasts until the second trading day of the New Year. S&P has averaged gains of 1.6% since 1969. In years when Santa Claus did not come to Wall Street, bear markets or sizable corrections have often materialized in the coming year, particularly when the market was in a secular bear as it is now.
You Better Watch Out! If Santa Claus Does Not Come to Wall Street Stocks May Slide In 2014 By Jeffrey A. Hirsch
Thx for all the Seasonal work and charts Kool always interesting perspective.
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