ES Friday 2-14-14

First a look at what happened on Thursday ...keep in mind that anything that is 2 points or less becomes a zone for me
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next a look at what sits above Thursdays highs..we need to look at 1-21 and 1-22

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esh4part two

and last but not least the profile from today...lots of bell curves to work from...notice where resistance turns to support...those will be the best areas to trade from

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Seemed like a pretty casual open. Did Valentines Day become a major holiday?
maybe it's the snow in the north east...slowing down the NY markets.....who really knows...

cool how the Overnight midpoint ended up being right at our first key number of 22.....probability traders will want that 22 to hold on this second test down to go get the Overnight high...
I forgot about the snowstorm. I'm in Arizona.
only short fade idea for me will have to see 29 print....but it's friday and a quick day are off school and I want to get out in that awesome snow !
I'm being stubborn and trying to hold for overnight high...vwap seems to be support ..lets hope it goes this time
almost like magic - gheesh....not reversing...good luck from here...right to our 29...if shorting this you donot wantto see it above 31.50...then it may turn into support
I'm just learning and paper trading. I was still trying to figure a way to play that double top just under the onh when it popped. Good luck with it.
I was conflicted about entering at the POC. Hindsight says should have done it with a little wider stop to allow for chop.
Gotta run. Thanks for sharing, Bruce. Enjoy the weekend, the kids, and the snow!