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ES Thursday 3-20-14

here my list of numbers...81..75..72..66..60..56..50..45..40..37..34..30.. can anyone post a chart or just say where the low volume spots are??lets keep this place alive till bruce gets back!!! good luck everyone
Hi Duck. I have no Idea how to post a chart. But I have the O/N poc at 49 with a pretty good bell to the high and low. Lines at 46 and PP at 53 were well respected O/N. Good luck today.
Originally posted by ackwired

...I have no Idea how to post a chart....

It's really easy to post a chart. Here are some instructions.
I will sell the 62.50 rat
should of sold the 60 #. But that's call hindsight trading. Haha.
Target 60.50. Stop at 65.50
Stop 64.50 now
ES i think 1.853-5 is Resistancelvel and good oportunity for SHORT here (Countertrend) but Market ist very strong on 60 Min fresh Buysignal/Daily is still SHORT so...
1863-65 sorry
Stop out. Starting to see why Bruce stops trading most days at 11. Everyone have good night
These maybe can be helpfull , symethrie @ SPX
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