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Is there a "Pit Simulator" indicator for Multicharts ?
Unfortunately Pit Simulator is only available on eSignal - sorry about that. If you haven't tried it then you can get a free trial of eSignal.
Fibonacci Trader has this feature, audible tick sounds, can be easily turned on and off. It works with a variety of data vendors. FWIW
Thanks BeyondMP - I am downloading their trial version now....
Thanks again MP-
I got the FibTrader installed- any idea how you turn those sounds on ? Is it an indicator ?
Utilities>Global Settings>Sound Alarms tab.....real time tick sound check

Should do it
I'm not suggesting that it is useful, but you can certainly figure out if it a viable tool for free, if you are taking advantage of the trial. I bought a lifetime license for FT years ago but don't use it very often anymore.
I bought the Pit Sim for Esignal on this site. It helps, I like it!
Thanks again MP - got it working and trying it out now.