ES Monday 6-2-14

I was hoping to come back to some interesting trade but it's just not is a video for anybody still hanging out
No video below? Try this link: boring_trade.swf

I can't remember the last time we had two break away weeks in a row..perhaps I need to revisit the charts but last week we never returned to the highs of the week I will be expecting a retest of last Fridays high...SOMETIME this week...unfortunately this is only an idea and doesn't give us the WHEN that this should happen....but if we get some good signals to sell at the O/N highs, the plus 2.5, the plus 4- 5.5 zone ( which may put us near todays R2) then we mat have it happen today...we can also watch the opening range extremes ( first one minute of trade) as we should be opening out of value today...

be quick or be dead today.....I hope u r quick !!!
Welcome back, Bruce!
thanks ackwired....I thought the only trade to take was selling the OR low after they tested the R1 level on the open print... a very aggressive trade but since we opened out of value and we had some idea that Friday's rally was weak it was doable...if you are still short I'd be watching 1912- 1914 area carefully...seems too early to make the down outside bar on the daily even if we have been in "open and drive mode"
I think most now will be wathcing the high of last thursday which is also near the POC of Friday for clues of direction and the IB 17.50 - 18.25 will be critical on this retrace up for those still picking away
Nice call on that OR trade!
Your 17.5 to 18.25 call is looking pretty good also. I was hoping for a short at 19 (PP) with the vwap converging on it. But it looks like it is going to have trouble getting that high.
nice to see you back bruce
Good to hear from you Bruce!!