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MP Bonds Feb 24th

Are the Commercials 1 lot short. You better believe it

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So alley B are you saying you would Buy that point ( refering to the Breakup/down in bonds)? If so where is the stop and target? If you say you would sell that point then where is the stop and profit target? In other words how do we define our risk in the standard " Have an entry, place a stop and have a target exit" realm of things? How can we actually use this information to trade? I am not accusing you of "after the fact" commentary but I would like to know before hand how you would be looking to trade this...exactly...Thanks and I appreciate the post

The MP Hidden Pivots operate on a a daily close basis with a prejudge before the close. A MP Pivot works in exactly the same way as any tradional pivot. if mkt is above then you buy a pullback to the pivot and use either the next pivot as your stop or some other form of money managment technique. Well in MP the Hidden pivot is a little different and acts as an acceleration points. So the short answer to your question is sell the level on stop and only get out if the close is against you. Otherwise maintain the position as a swing position until tgts become known. rght now look at the next chart I posted for Feb 27th. I would only add that you could never accuse me of acting after the fact. I gave you a roadmap long before on this and other charts. surely you can see that trade for the 27th sub 112.26 was breaking VA support, surely you could see that trade sub 112.24 was negative and lastly if you still are slow to pull the trigger then selling the Hidden pivot on stop would have been the right response as it is shown quite clearly the dominant trader earlier in the week was buying low then selling high until Thursday when the seller got control. The rest as they say is history. I have shown on previous charts that the tgt is 109.14. I will allow the market to be my judge
Ok just want to make sure I am crystal clear on following these calls..... so we hypothetically sold the hidden pivot on a stop but then today we had to exit for a loss on the close as the market came back up and rallied....I got it so far...just need to keep a tally of the effectiveness of these longer term areas....would you resell the hidden pivot again if we break down again or is there a new hidden pivot? thanks for the help

the short and the long answer to your questions is yes.
one other thing you say the effectiveness of the longer term areas...
Remember that the short term is entirely determined by the dominant longer term trader and his capital flows. you could have used alternatively 112.21 as a buy stop and sell stop always reversing the trade. Much in the same way you would have used a normal pivot if you go look at the short term time frames and draw a line through the 112.21 level you will see the effectiveness....
Excellent point...thanks
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