ES Friday 9-12-14

How I see it....84 - 86 is key area to hold for gap fill and higher...above YD highs I would watch 91.50 - 93.50......hopefully we will be done by then.......I didn't do much work on downside numbers...remember that most trade is below YD close from O/N so that usually helps with a push sometime after 9 a.m.

No video below? Try this link: friday.swf

starting second long campaign in On session at 87.....keeping everything small..they are liking that 89 so far today but I realize that may need to push this down into that 85 still......unusual for me to take a second campaign in the On session but I like the area..the key bell curve has a LVN at 86, an HVN at 85 and then another LVN at that is an interesting zone today..especially if u look at your weekly
starting rth longs at 85.25 ...targeting 87.25..
took loser at 84.even.....starting new longs at 82.50 with plan to add at 80..
i took O/N 87 long off when we broke the one minute two losers so far
odds favor a retest of 85.......but those are just odds
buying 81.25 stop78.25
story of my life close but no
i believe only one of two things will happen from here we will go down to 79.50 or we will run back up to 87 ultimately
they do not usually blow through a bell with out trying for a retest back up...the questions is : Was that 84 push high enough to count as a retest...
to be clear i cancel the other post wasnt
thanks apk.....enjoy the weekend....if anyone is trading now we are at S2, the new weekly low and an 80% band of implied only 20 % of the time they go lower from here and close beyond the 1973 this could be a good low....I'm just sayin and not playin !