ES Thursday 9-18-14

here are the levels I will use...only did upside ..behind schedule today but we are set to open out of value with Options expiration
No video below? Try this link: thursday.swf

Trying a short from 97.75. Targeting 96.25
Stopped out
Stopped out
Thanks, Bruce.
My O/N shows a 5 min gap at 1995.50 - 1995.75.
Is this an IB issue?
i got the gap too.e-signal
Thanks, duck.

I'm now wondering: is this 5 min gap 1995.50 -1995.75 in the O/N trade important?
Is today a textbook spike day?

Dalton writes in MOM: 'An opening within the spike indicates that the market is balancing. A two-time frame, rotational trade will likely develop within the spike's range for the duration of the day'.