ES Monday 9-22-14

First video is what I think ES should do then second video goes into ratchet levels with SPX cash and how I am planning to use the ideas for options selling

No video below? Try this link: monday_9-22.swf

the biggest challenge we face now is : Will the spx cash market want the 2000 retest or go back to 2025 first this week....? I'd like to see the test down in the 2000 cash first to set up buys this week and maybe even today to go for the 2025...I expect this month to have 57 points of range at a minimum which on the upside would project to to 2034...and if the sellers are coming back then we project down to 1965 Cash before the month is over...7 trading days left for one of those to happen

here is my spx babble...I'm not sure if I conveyed what I had planned
No video below? Try this link: spx_levels.swf

as per green dots on the upside I have 89 and 94...I think the smart money is buying into this drop I am trying one more from 84.50...this would be an 88% ( if they print 83.50) band and only 12% chance of going and closing lower......but we don't want to be too stupid...88% chance isn't 100% and the 12% of the time you are wrong you don't want big nasty I'd be keeping it small down here...and then try for a bigger getting back to that 89 volume
well, now that we have a single also at 86.50 that has to be the target first....the odds of a 30 and 60 and 90 minute day leaving singles behind at all three areas is less that 1% in my world there is a 99% chance of coming back to the 90 minute low....I've said too it or fade money is on the longs now at least until 86.50 trades...LOL...nuff said....and too many posts today....