ES Tuesday 9-23-14

i won't be trading on Tuesday morning but here are the numbers as I see them...Good luck and hope it is a profitable session ! Today formed the "b" pattern which can sometimes mean that this was just longs liquidating and not true selling. Dalton sometimes looks at this as more patient buyers entering the market and it doesn't mean we go back up right away....with the all time high being an overnight high it seems to imply that maybe the longs will still be able to make all time highs in the day session

I have the monthly SPX range coming in at 66 points as a full projection I take 80% of that range as a we need to still see 52 points of range on spx for this month

No video below? Try this link: tuesday_9-23.swf

OK, thanks,sharks

one thing I am looking at right now is that the overnight was a double distribution and we are in the upper distribution right now...
mid point of the overnight is 82.50... will it be support? usually, on a double distribution (I'm not so sure about the overnight double distributions) but usually, once price gets out of one and into the other, it's there. (meaning today, I would expect price to stay in upper distribution. but what do I know? I'm no Bruce.
That LVN in the O/N is at 1982.75 as well.
Paul, Good call on the 82.5 being a support level!
it's not doin so well now. LOL
if that HVN form overnight can't reverse it, gonna test Low of overnight or lower have to guess.
Not sure there is to much left, already a 10 point range almost.

Gonna go hit some golf balls, I need the practice.