ES Wednesday 10-01-2014

A new day, new month, a new quarter.

O/N inventory is short.
There is a gap from 8/18 to be filled at 1953.00 - 1953.50

With yesterday's value lower and higher volume, I am short biased.
And I am on open drive alert (as always).

Numbers above: 1968.25
Numbers below: 1961.00, 1957.75, 1951.00
Looks like an open drive so far...
8/18 gap filled.
Good call Aladdin
next gap to fill is weekly at 45.25 to 48.25
Thanks New Kid, my open drive paranoia served me well today...
This might be a dumb question, but for Open drive since the price opened outside yesterday's value area, you expect them to return to the original value area, right? But the opposite happened today. So is my understanding of Open Drive incorrect?
From reading Jim Dalton's Mind over Markets [page 63-64], I understand that an open-drive can occur from anywhere in the profile.
(Hence my open-drive paranoia...).
That is it for me for today.

Thanks everyone.
Thanks for the reference to the page numbers. I will read up on it.
can you give what symbol you are using and what week created a gap 48.25 to 45.25?
Thanks for the gap info, duck...

RE me start buying... This is certainly the area to try if only for a move back up to 46.50, but honestly, I am sitting and watching now... while I wrestle with some data problems...