ES Wednesday 10-15-2014

I am not touching this thing... but I thought I would post something that is always interesting to me.

Studies I have done on range expansions of Monday ranges...
If the 618 extension down (below Monday's Low) is printed, the odds are about 7 in 10 that a full extension down of Monday's range will also print...
618 extension down of Monday's range was a print of 1839.66

The full extension down (Monday's range subtracted from Monday's Low) is 1824.00

This is OpEx week... if the option market makers really have power to manipulate the markets, this thing should turn today (turn up for something... this is nothing I want to touch so I am going out to do errands.
good luck to all.
I'm with you, Paul. Looks like a good time to stand aside.
feels like the late 90's..i thought good old days dont come
As 1818 prints, I offer this technical term about the price action... WOW
What's a little amazing almost 45 points of range and not even single prints just tails on the 30 min profile...
Correction 48 points of range almost
you guys where not around when greenspan drop rates during the open market?i think that was 97. now that was wow.ya baby the old days are back!! i love it when u can make boat load (i got small in 5 min..lets not forget you can loose a boat load plus too in 5 min..
48 Points down 48 points back up.. amazing