ES Monday 10-27-14

anybody have weekly chart with volume on it? thanks in advance.. here are the numbers i got...1960-62..1956..1947..1943..1938..1930..1020-22..1906..1893..1882..1873-75..1860-62..
the recent jump above 52.75 was done on nothing in terms of volume... suggesting there were no resting orders to sell. I'm not sure what it means
short 56.25 stop 3 point
stop now 55.25
1 st target 53.25
i wimp out took one at 54.25
guess what out
dam i should just put the trade on and leave the stop oh wait thats hindsight got to ask.. everyone on vacation or too busy counting there money????lol..
Watching from the sidelines Duck, I do the same thing I micro manage my stops also, which usually gets me out to soon. FT71 says to try and manage your mistakes.. I believe we all have weaknesses in our trading and need to focus on them to get better.