ES Friday 11-14-14

YD we hit both the upper and lower 1/2 bands using both the 4pm and 4:15pm close. As a matter of fact, the high and low of the day were ~1 point away from the bands.
Today we have the 4pm and 4:15pm bands 3 points apart so I will be focusing more on the 4pm bands just because they are tighter.

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Bruce i know u were asking abt what was going on with 32 that stopped the market many times...i had (and still have) the developing weekly midpoint at 32.5 (24hrd chart)...i usually look at both rth and 24hr when looking at weekly stats since many times we make a siginificant low or high in a week during o/n that skews things a bit wrt to the rth the link tot he chart fwiw