ES Wednesday 12-10-14

under the weather today and a storms come through here in Vt is how I have my chart marked off for some consolidation early today..I think 50.75 is the most important support point and use 53.75 - 54.75 as the magnet....also watch last weeks low closely in case they try to blow through the 50.75
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So far Bruce the market, in the early going, is acting just like you called it, nice call
only now breaking down some.
yes shark he does it again. nice trading bruce
yeah..this low volume spot ...the first set of singles from YD is to buy near lower edge as close to 46.50 as possible and see if we can get back above last weeks lows.....I thought that might be a cool zone but also lots of numbers there...44.75 is YD many numbers only two points away from each other
Watching 2044.75...Breakout point from yesterday and a small HVN for me on a composite chart
if we can't hold above last weeks lows then then last buy point for me is 43.50 - 44.75......not averaging on these and would really like to see 48.25 print again to get out of some longs
48.25 is LVN today and last weeks low....hoping for the retest
poc to the tick...still can't get above that 48.25 elast it is giving us nice scale opportunities
i have a greenie at 41.75 ..sure seems that might be in someones plan today...that's it for me...gotta go get some rest ...good luck for the rest of today and beyond
feel better Bruce
last thing is that they should in theory come back up to the 44 as long as 38.50 ( another greenie ) can hold the price drop......thanks apk....gotta go..c ay tomorrow