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cumulative volume profile

I'm new to eSignal and trying to figure out how to create a volume profile chart that will show volume peaks and valleys. I suppose a price by volume histogram would suffice (with volume bars going horizontal on the x axis and price on the y axis), but I don't know how to do this with eSignal.

I'm trying to look at cumulative volume on the ES since the Jan. high.

The standard eSignal installation doesn't do that for you but there are a number of 3rd party add-ons that might help achieve what you're trying to do.

Chris Kryza from Divergence Software has a number of free indicators that you can download from the eSignal File Share that might do this. This is a link to the Volume Profiles section of his file share:

I had a look at a few of those indicators a while back and they seemed pretty good. I can't remember if you can combine days or not.

You can also activate the Market Profile chart from your eSignal account. Cost $10/month I think and this shows the TPO count and volume at price. Have you tried that yet? I know that you can combine days with that chart but I can't remember if there is a limit to how many days that you can combine.

If you do try any of these then please let us know which ones worked and how you made out with them - thanks!
Yes, I've been combining days on the MP charts on eSignal, but they don't let you combine that many...I'm looking to combine 1-2 months of volume data.

I will check-out the file share link and let you know how it goes.

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