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MP Bonds Mar 3rd

also read the comments in the seperate post----all i know....

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So is this dropping bond market what's keep the SP afloat at the moment. I remember you commenting that the inverse relationship between the two is so 80's but I'm sure if we ran a correlation analysis on it we'd see at least come negative correlation.

If one was to assume that there is a slight negative correlation in the two then strength on Monday in the bond market would give the S&P500 another excuse to fall. Does it need another excuse?
The markets are entirely bound by hedge fund flows and there is a school of thought that says the stock market is just biding its time for the FED to finish tightening before the stock market can take off to the moon. Well MArch 28th will be interesting to see the reaction. If the bonds get to 5.13% and then possibly 5.38% there is no way the stock should/would/could be at this level. But as usual I shall let the market tell me the strategy via MP and right now until 11k gives way then we will continue to get a buy on dip style of market becasue that is what is happening. It is not necessarily my ultra long term view but until the market wants to give way then why fight it. But as soon as it does then that is the time to be agressive. In the meantime enjoy the bull run
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