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MP Bonds Mar 7th

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I think I can see a trend here...

Question is, are we at the beginning, the middle or the end of it. I'm guessing that a multi-day profile holds more answers to questions like that.
what is interesting is that the MP differs from the COT report. MP shows the selling but COT shows the CTi2 Long. well recent work by Jake Bernstein and Larry Williams on the COT report says that actually that means the trend continues and that it is a precursor to a much more powerful move. All I know is that the Strret is long on the COT and therefore trapped and MP shows the selling and rallies are for sale ever since we broke the Hidden MP pivots and started trending
Do you have a link to a summary of their work?
If you had a leak in your boiler would you expect to get it fixed for nothing. If you go up heliskiing with a guide would you expect his services to be free. Well lots does come free but sometimes you have to pay for information and frequently there is copyright as well. So go to their websites and check out the free stuff.
Commentators and journalists often summarize work like that because they know how people just want to take a few minutes to absorb 60 to 80% of the idea and then if they find it feasible they delve deeper into the subject.

Most of these ideas can be summarized in a few sentences.
I don't understand your comments and fail to see the relevance
I had a look at the webs you suggested but couldn't find the work that you were talking about. I was looking for a brief summary of what it was about - something that would often be reported about a new work - much like a book appraisal or software report summary.
the work was only available to subscribers
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