ES Wednesday 4-1-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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You are correct, we did touch the close. i had a misplaced line. It's been a goofy and fortunate night and day. need to tighten up here as I can't get lucky always.
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when you say gap fill, do you mean the 4 pm EST cash close? because we got to the 4:15 pm close...

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I was set there until the end 1st 5M. No gap fill changed my mind to go with the break of 1st 5M low. My fades are more frequent but smaller target usually so when there is a conflict between that and 5M gap fill. the no gap fill takes precedent due to bigger gains. Missed the -5 last night and was fortunate enough to ride it down a bit.
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Hey, Big Mike, is this a long at 54 (C[1] - 5)