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I am sure that most here are familiar with the SHadowTrader. He is a Daltonite.
Every weekend (most every weekend), he does a video reviewing the prior week and expectations of the week to come based on Market Profile.

He usually has a link to his video at the address below, just look at the date (usually Sunday's date), you can click on that and go to the video. (he has an e-mail service to notify you about updates, but that does not work very well at all)

Usually he starts off with the S&P Cash chart with some trendlines (remember, the futures are a derivative of the cash), and then he goes into Market Profile comments, but this week he changed things and doesn't make Market Profile comments until the second half of the video (The videos are usually only 14 minutes long).

I watch his videos every weekend and I wanted to put the easy link here to make it easy for anyone who is interested in Market Profile,

.............. save the link and use it if you want to learn about Market Profile .

SOmetimes he does the videos Friday nights, or Saturdays, but usually, early on SUnday mornings, the link to the new video is there

I am not affiliated with the ShadowTrader in any way.
Following on from what Paul said here's his video for today:

Thanks to Paul for referring me to shadowtrader. I completely agree that this is a great resource to get another perspective on the market. As Paul said, Peter (the shadowtrader) is a Daltonite but he also reflects on what to do with Dalton's education. He does not take as it is 100% but has his own unique take on it. That is how we should all be as traders because it is important to be yourself and not follow someone blindly. We cannot trade exactly like Dalton, Bruce, CharterJoe, Big Mike, Paul, etc but we can learn from them and find our own unique style.

Shadowtrader's weekend videos as well as daily commentary are both great. I also follow him on Twitter and he usually posts a couple times a day (not excessively) and is very helpful. He primarily does ES trading as well as options trading on certain stocks.
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I wonder why his active trade grid doesn't show 20 by 30 with 10 still short?
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