ES Wednesday 5-06-15

don be shy hope to sell the rat at 93.75 but willing to get on early for on mid point test
looks like i over think again. lol...
We never overthink it on the losers-LOL
Originally posted by duck

looks like i over think again. lol...
long 72.50 stop 69.50
stop now at 71.75 now trying to follow the 1min for stop
72.25 stop now
Flash Crash 5 year anniversary today...

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E-mini S&P500 Flash Crash chart from 6 May 2010.
y a babay stop at 74
change mind stop at
dam stop out
there you go a prime example of having a plan..following the plan but changing the plan mid trade is bad as u see what happen. and i wrote this more for me than anybody
lol yes twas me!!!!! seems Bruce is the glue that holds us all together here.....