ES Thursday 9-17-15

Good morning to all. Late start today so I will have a single chart, because really, that is all that matters today. I got my data issues sorted out and here is the correct daily chart. As we can see that YD we closed above the balance area high of 1982. Now it is a matter of whether we go through the thin profiles all the way up to 2050 area or fall back towards 1925, 1900 and 1822. The FOMC decision is going to drive that. Good luck to all.

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Profile from YD. The VPOC was at 1979.5. Note that YD we finally hit the naked VPOC at 1985.75 and stopped right around there.

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current low is 1 tick above the ONL. mechanical buying going on but that is to be expected before FOMC
30 min VPOC at 83.25. nothing going on