My grand goodbye to Jim Kane

This will be my swan song in relation to Jim Kane. You will not read about me responding to him directly. I started ignoring him yesterday and he shut down my thread since it was part of his area of the Forum. You can find that thread here if you want to dive into the lunacy and the misdirection.

I'm a bit angry that he has wasted everyone's time for so long and has deceived us. The universe has strange ways at making things right.

Well this is my thread and my area of the forum and he has no power here. My intent is merely just to point out the three main things Jim said he would do that haven't been done and just to show that all that non-vendor talk was always a pile of rubbish. I don't trust him and he is not a man of his word !

I mentioned in this post in bullet items 3 and 8 how disgruntled posters respond when you ignore them and he fit the mold perfectly. I also intend to follow much of my own advice and not read anything posted by Jim as I find his writings too long, rambling and illogical.

So I have three items I want to cover. I will try to keep the ideas brief but some of the email is a bit wordy. No fault of mine. So lets get to it as I feel things on my other thread had tried to become diluted and redirected. The vendor tactic I've rambled about for years attempted to rear it's ugly head but that can't happen here.

1) Lets cover this comment first that Jim highlighted in RED on the other thread. This was to try to explain why he hadn't shut his website down. One must remember that this was posted over 5 years ago back in 2011 when Jim was trying to pass himself off as the non- vendor, vendor ! The all around good guy ( he had me believing it too at one point in time) who was sick of all the crap that came with being a vendor. Jim's comments on shutting down the site:

“Bottom line is, I have been phasing it out, it’s been in progress, but cutting the final cord, thinking about looking up and saying to my dad, here it goes, dad, I’m doing it to you again, I don’t care about this project, I don’t care that we did this together, Bruce has really made me see it’s time, well, that is something I just can’t make myself do yet. “

Jim's dad had worked on his website but sadly he passed away. So at that time Jim was “Phasing it out “ ( the website) but having some challenges making the final cut. That's understandable and I had compassion for Jim at that time. In the prior thread I mentioned that Jim “promised” to take it down ( I also at times said “he would take it down”) but since Jim is focused on the word “promised” lets go with that) so lets take a peak at the definition of the word promise: give good grounds for expecting (a particular occurrence or situation)

So he told me in his own words that he is “phasing it out” so why shouldn't I expect that to be done ?

Now let's look at the last word in his paragraph the word “ yet” . Lets go to the definition.

Yet : up until the present or a specified or implied time

So with this in mind it would take some time but it would be done. Are we supposed to wait 5 years while Mr. Non- Vendor markets his wares ? I don't think so. It never was taken down and for 5 more years Jim has been taking orders from his website. Sure doesn't seem like someone who is fed up with being a vendor to me.

This all may seem trivial and some of it is but I will be painting a broader picture.

Now my assertion is that the only reason Jim didn't take the site down was because it makes him money and all this other stuff is smoke and mirrors. Heck if he loved the site he built with his dad then he could have left the site up but made the links to buy anything from the site inactive so he becomes the non- vendor he wanted to be ! Jim's father seemed like a good man and I would doubt that he would have wanted Jim to keep the site up just on his behalf especially if it wasn't making Jim any money. I find it hard to believe that anyone's father would want their son to spend money on the upkeep of a site that wasn't producing revenue. That would be just plain stupid and I don't think Jim's father was a stupid man. So we can conclude that the site was kept up only to make money for Jim.

Enough said on this. Lets move on.

2) Trading statements – Jim recently asked me to come up with rules for the trading statements he was going to post. Here is what I wrote

“Why don't we compromise to this: You post a current years worth of statements of whatever you choose ( but they must be real, not an excel spreadsheet and be from a trading firm we hopefully all know or can verify it's a real firm) and you have my word that I won't comment on them in any way at all. Now I am giving my word in public so I can be held to task. This way we can let anyone who reads this validate things for themselves. They certainly don't need me to do that anyway. You can point to this thread if you wish and do what you like. So basically post what you like outside of those 2 things I mentioned. If you choose to post statements that show only one trade per month or a thousand then so be it . There is no need for me to endorse anything. “ Could I have made this any easier on him ? I don't think so, but boy oh boy what a misdirect I got on this one. If you want a chuckle you should go read all the crap he laid on about this and now he has a new thread that talks about trading statements found here.

so it seems he is setting us up for even more reasons not to post his statements, He may try to use this as an additional excuse besides all the fuss he made on my previous thread. Don't fall for it, another smoke screen. Nothing else needs to be said on this as it all speaks for itself. Perhaps he's going to post somebody else's statements. Lets just assume that we won't see any of his statements.

3) and now the grand finale – the one that pisses me off the most. Here is my last private message to him back on 3/23/2011 at 3:25 PM . The last one I can find in my records. He lays out all these conditions about him posting trades in the public forum and I go along with it. What happens next ? Absolutely nothing. He never follows through once again. It's as if he just wants to play a game to see if he can get approval or get someone to say “yes” and then does nothing. This could have benefited the entire forum or at least we could have seen what his skills actually are but once again we are duped !

Here is the email from 5 years ago. You should read the entire email to get a good feel of it all . I put in italics and underlined what I thought was most important:

From: BruceM
To: jimkane
Date: 3/23/2011 3:25 PM
Subject: RE: Info you requested
I will back you up 100%....but you may need to send me an email that you have posted as I really don't get to read the forum for all it's content...If I don't see it in the "Most recent - top 10 posts" then I usually miss stuff....But I'm behind it is in writing...

If you think it's valuable and DT/Guy is ok with the way it's posted then I certainly am ok with I have been trying to say...I do respect you and think you are one of the "good guys"....I don't think I will need to back you up but it would be a good experiment anyway.....just to see where the forum is please....write some stuff up......list references if you want....I think that is a great idea...!!

jimkane wrote on 23-Mar-11 3:04:07 PM EST:

Thanks for yet another reply. I would perhaps agree with you, but in light of the 'rburns incident' this morning, I'm not so sure no one now views me in a negative light. Being slammed like that in public, being called a troll (as you know, that word is the equivalent of the 'C' word for a woman, the vilest thing a forum person can be called), I can't believe that rburns, who has always seemed positive towards me in the past, would do that before 'the incident'. And to get four immediate up votes? That says there is agreement. The most I've ever seen a post get is like 5 or 6 up votes. It's hard for me to believe the recent comments and such have nothing to do with this. 

What kind of forum is this where the highest rep count person, over 40K, the second higest post count, one of the 'founding' members, and a moderator at that forum gets called a troll, gets slammed, and gets positive votes for it? That's totally jacked up. And I don't continuously cite my stats for any other reason than if stats like that get treatment like I am getting, something is grievously wrong with the forum. If you or kool were being slammed like this I would cite your statistics endlessly. This is just messed up. As far as I'm concerned, my reputation at the forum is trashed now.

So, that is interesting about your citations. [i]Let me get this straight, then, 'in writing'. If I go and post today, in a thread I create in say the charts area, the learning futures trading, or the trader's lounge, or something like that, and I show some chart examples of a technique, not before-the-fact, as my goal is to explain a trading concept, and I refer to Scott Carney's books and website, Robert Miner's book and website, Tim Morge's book and website, and maybe a few other books, all relevant to specific points descibed in the technique, you are fine with that? And anyone who screams shill, you will publically jump up and defend me and say this is good citation and background for further research, and clearly not shilling?

That is good to know, as I would like to get right on some posts if that is the case. I've had some great educational posts written up, but have been far too afraid to post them, and as I said, I can't post without due credit. As soon as I get your confirmation I'll know I'm free to post those, with you watching my back. I appreciate that. That's a lot better feeling than worrying you'll be calling me on the line.

Until next time...

That was it and I never heard from him via email again. In fact I don't think I have heard anything from him until he made that other post a week or two ago. Once again he didn't come through for us at the forum but he has had no problem keeping his website up and badgering me lately with a bunch of dribble. Jim seems to be in a sad place right now and I truly feel sorry for him if what he says of his current life is true. Perhaps that is why he is lashing out at me. I really don't know and as much as I want to have compassion for anyone's troubles I'm having a real difficult time with this. It seems that the thing that is sustaining him ( sitting at the computer for long periods typing) is also the thing that is destroying him. That's just a guess and I certainly am no medical doctor or shrink. I just can't believe anything that he types now! All credibility is lost. It's kind of a strange irony and seems very self destructive.

I do know a few things though. This thread will be locked so any comments that follow my “ THIS THREAD WILL BE LOCKED” post “ will be deleted. I'm not interested in having another lopsided debate and illogical discussion nor do I need anyone to question the facts as I have interpreted them. You can form your own opinions and post them elsewhere if you feel the need. I will not entertain or respond to posts from Jim anymore.
This thread will be locked - any replies will be deleted.