Can I start trading with the lower amount? If yes, what will be it?

Hello Friends, I am new here and also new for Forex Trading too. So, I am thinking to invest with small amount to check my trading skills. It will be great help if you tell me what will the lower amount to start trading?
No all traders are on the same path, not all have same intention and do trade in the same way. Don’t you need to have whole amount in a same day. The starting amount is exactly your goal that do you want regular source of income or just want to grow your account.
Hi guys, You should have adequate funding before start trading because small amount of money has no flexibility in the trading style.
Hi HyattK, Starting amount plays a vital role if you are also following the proper risk management. If you would like to grow slowly and steadily you can start with the min $500 and if you regular source of income you should have good amount.
There is no such minimum amount but $100 is a good amount of capital for start up.
Hello, Initially, you can check online education system and can chat and can start with the little investment and if you found suitable you can have long race with them.
yes you can do it. Simply register with regulated and authentic broker. Most important is get to know about basic trading knowledge and start with Demo trading account. When you realize you are able to trade with Real account then switch from Demo account to Real account and invest your capital.
Usually brokers set a minimum deposit, which is optimal enough to start trading.
I personally started trading with $ 100, which is provided by the minimum deposit with <redacted>, and this is really very understandable, and a small amount, and you are not afraid to lose.