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MP S&P Jan 16th

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Notice how the Value Area Low (VAL) was only touched twice this week and both times a buy at this area resulted in a profitable trade. The first touch was on Tuesday and the second today (Friday). Today's trade was only marginally profitable.

According to my charts something interesting happened in the ES today. The developing Value Area finished exactly 1 tick inside today's value area giving us an inside VA for Monday.

[1320.75] J
[1320.50] J
[1320.25] J
[1320.00] J
[1319.75] JK
[1319.50] IJK
[1319.25] DIJK
[1319.00] DEIJK
[1318.75] DEIK
[1318.50] DEFIKM
[1318.25] DEFIKMNR
[1316.75] DEFGHLMNPQ
[1316.50] DFGHLNPQ

[1316.25] DFGLNPQ

[1316.00] DFGLNP
[1315.75] F
[1315.50] F

In the profile above the red lines show today's VA and the blue area shows how today's developing VA completed. (The green line is the final value for the Point of Control.)
yep note the distribution. does not mean the end but it is a warning. look at my chart for 20th for comparison
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