ES 6-6-16

quick 4 minute video of what I am looking at today...will edit and post bands in a bit
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bands and babble video
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using 2105 - 2107 as first sell zone but will not trade it blindly .....lets see if overnight range breakout players have any power up here...more conservative traders will want to see us get back under overnight high before looking at shorts ..last weeks rth high and total weekly range high have been broken..anything above 2007 favors a return to 2005 is you are quick
trying from 2107.50...weekly R1 is here and we broke through last weeks rth highs....that is a no- no to me...but keep in mind that Fridays and mondays seem to have the worst odds of returning to overnight midpoint...volume divergence up here
my trade
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going to try buy at 2107.50 looking for 21012 using stop at 5.25
reason the rat at 6.25 is acting as support..using the
bruce or anybody know the 1st 30 vpoc?
not sure duck..if I was a breakout trader I'd want to see volume increasing but so far volume is dying off......on the flip side is the fact that we are consolidating above last weeks highs which in theory would go well for you long players....I'm gonna have to stick to my short bias..will watch trade above Ib high very carefully if it comes out the doubt they took out a lot of swings from various players and so far are able to hold above those us short faders can't be too aggressive up here...if the volume can stay low they we should get that 04 - 05 area again but the question is "how long do we want to stay and wait for sellers to emerge?"
not sure but If i had to guess I would say it is around 04.50 - 05 based on vertical volume
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bruce or anybody know the 1st 30 vpoc?
stop out at 5.25 did you hold bruce?
that's all for me.. core trades are done...took two tries for that test and had to be patient on second try..( first was a break even / slight loser) .lots of time at the screen is no good but look how they did the retest of last weeks highs after the breakout....that is what they are supposed to do....unlike two weeks ago !!
came out at 2101.50 and will try for midpoint on last one but will NOT micromanage this one......c ya tomorrow